Insights Day 22

Fast Day 22 - Saturday August 1st 2020

6:34 am - woke up

I wonder if there is a thing for me to get about that number 34?! Still feeling tired yet internally much better. Looking forward to my next cold thermogenesis experiment.

9:30 am - Warm water & lime

10:30 am - sunbathing

1:00 pm

While sunbathing, I got confirmation that I need to continue CT

It cleans the blood and this is the number 1 thing I need accomplished right now so I can get to the next level. I have got too much puss in my blood and it needs to be cleansed.

4:00 pm

Had a fruit salad. I refuse to have oils, vegetables or even legumes with too much of an albumin content.

I am still feeling ilatease so going for a second ct. I am really starting to think that a meat, overeating glutton such as my former character ought to fast in the summer along with a regular schedule of enemy and ct on a daily basis until the end of the fast.

Late evening- emergency. CT

Took a cold bath betweeen 17 & 18 degrees for about 40 minutes. So refreshing...I had a hard time walking straight after that & boy was I happy to have taken that bath. Now I need to find a sound way to get that ice in the bath daily without having to buy it. By the way, it took 23.55lbs of ice to achieve such result. My ice machine can only make 25 lbs a day...perhaps I can buy a new ice machine knowing it Is a business investment...