Insights Day 20

Thursday Fast Day 20 July 30th 2020

I decided to go on vacation turn all business off, at least for today and live in nature. I slept like a baby, I was at my mother, she has a great house with lots of greenery, I went outside, got a nice tan, lots of sun, I grounded galore. I barely had time to think of food, I kept the Lord in my heart, talking to the Lord each time I could think of it. It really went so smoothly that I barely had the time to record anything.

10h49 pm

At the end of the day, I had some dried and fresh fruits, along with nuts. As I was eating, I kind of realized...once more, that food, truly, does nothing for me and I can totally go without it at least for a little while. It is only the mental monkeyness that plays tricks on me. I also noticed I was a little dehydrated I drank about 1.5 liters of water in a short bout and I felt I needed evenmore but I couldn't get myself to drink more unless I would go for fruit juices which I could not because my super juicer was not with me LOL...I am on vacation...

Overall, I can say that my fast is really going well, I am going on the right track to having a really clean body, mind and soul. I guess I still have that thing inside of me that tells me that until I complete 40 days of water fast only, I cannot truly experience the greatness the Lord has for me. I truly believe it and since I believe in it so much, I feel as if I must go forward and do it. even if I do something like a few days on smoothies followed by a few days on juices followed by the complete water fast for 40 days.

During the day, I remember saying to myself that I can do this, the Lord has put this idea in my mind because he knows I can do. I am a little taken aback in this situation because, it has only been 20 days and already, I am barely sleeping...

By the way, my ankles have been swollen over the past 3 days, and I absolutely cannot take this anymore...

Also, somehow, based on the promise I have made to myself and the Lord, I deem sea salt not to be food or an object of consumption. Considering I drink distilled water only, it follows that I might and will take some sea salt to replace de minerals I am suppose to get from water and that is the extent of my use of sea salt, so no more adding it to my avocado salads etc

As I have read, if I cannot consume a fruit or grain as it is in nature (excluding , sun drying and juicing of course) then that food is not fit for consumption. I was wondering if I can have the guts during a Daniel fast to only consume fresh fruits and none of the dried stuff...I wonder how my body would react.

What if I would spend a year going through all the levels of fasting so I can truly know what fasting is...anyhow, my first thing right now is to complete this fast or more specifically to fast until I get to the Kingdom of Heaven.

1 more thing I came to peace with...Olives unless they are fresh...bitter and green...are not fit for consumption, therefore, I do not eat them anymore hopefully for the rest of my life.