Insights Day 19

Wednesday Fast Day 19 July 29th 2020

1:45 am - wake up

I have greatly increased my liquid intake to 2L + in a single day.

Went to bed at 11pm and I seem fully awakened


1. Fasting journal jetzen

2. Daniel fast book - eat between 6pm and midnight...

3h49 am

A prayer

G.od I now have time in my hands, I know not what to do because for the most part of my life I have been seeking for answers outside of me, in a book, a study, a documentary etc. And now in this first real fast of my life, you are asking me to turn onwards and draw close to you. I am uncertain how to draw close to you in a way that is pleasing to you. In a way that will open the heavens! I have been reading a lot about Jesus and the omitted scriptures stemming from his teachings and I feel that those speak truth. Much of its information tells me that I must honestly fast and repay my debts to you the Earthly Mother and then I may enjoy closeness to the mean time, can you send me your angels to support me by helping me not put 1 solid substance in my mouth?

I want to be close to you, and remain with you all the days of my life. I want peace in my mind, I want clarity, I want the knowledge of my task on earth, I want to be like the bird that worries not for what tomorrow will be, I want to be in the now, I want to be in joy all the days of my life, I want to give you a clean temple to dwell in...Lord, how may I completely clean my organs and blood to you may take over my life and give me everlasting peace and rest? Lord you me, use every part of me so your Kingship reigns over me and all the earth. How may I farm more souls to look to you, how can my soul entirely devote itself to you. Lord, come to me speedy, open my eues so I may see you, open my ears so I may hear you, open my heart so I may feel you, open my mouth so I may sing praises to you, unlock my mind so I may put all my tourments in your lap and break free. As free as you had created me? Tell me how on an unexpected way so I may know it is you and not me or a result of my efforts. Lord lead me to the way of not toiling for anything worth having, lord put me on the path where I receive freely and abundantly from you. Do your will in me, I am giving myself entirely to you, please take me, please take me, you know my heart and soul search it and bless me for the benefit of the 1 thing you might have found to be good in me. Multiply my good deeds until the others are completely crushed and can no longer bear the goodness of my life. Lord have me love a great life as of now, take my body over and heal it Divinely, make the words of Jesus come true in my life, make me an exemple that allows people to see how you walk with modern Men and how it is possible to live closeness with you even in those challenging times. G.od I love you and miss you tremendously, I have come to make amends through this fast, to learn and remember how to stay in constant commune with you, to see the divine in every situation...g.od do not let this summer end without you ending all plagues, sickness, illness, disease and abominations out of my life, out of my being oh Lord you can do it.

Base don the scriptures, Jesus performed miracles that healed people on the spot. In some cases the healing was done from a distance. Jesus being your Creation, your child, I to claim my inheritance. Lord I ask you to heal me, cure me now, in a flash, from a distance, out of pure love, I in exchange vow discipline in this fast to pray to you daily and as often as often shows up in my life. Lord come and save me speedily, don’t you hear my cries? Save me, you are my father and none other then you or one you have names can save me...Save me, I am bleeding and can no longer stand 1 moment without he knowledge of you being in my life.

Thank you lord for my mother’s house

Thank you lord for instructing me that my condo does not have enough sunshing through it

Thank you god for my child S❤️

Thank you god for shield omg me from much worse

Thank you lord for my life

Thank you god for this plateform you allow me to pray you through

Thank you lord for your mighty ness, it allows me to grow my faith in you

Thank you for being such a powerful father. As I now will rest in your blossom please reveal to me as you have done many times in the past. I am ready to receive.. if I am not, please lord be the catalyser that makes me ready right now and keeps me that way for eternity.

Lord thank you for keeping me from tasting death

4:18 am retreat in silence

6h30 am

Glad I fell back asleep

8h00 am

Woken up by a wonderful little girl. I was tired, at least I felt tired but I had to move on and be awake

Somehow, I went through the day without thinking much about the fast, I had a cascade of great news, feeling that my fast wast the good decision...I mean continuing eith my fast. I surely am continuing to the end of this fast, I must see what is on the other side of eating daily.

I really want to learn or at least know how to be in communion with the Lord Daily.