Insights Day 16

Sunday July 26th 2020

10:45 am - Meal time or Death!

Had cherries and raisins followed by avocados and olives

That was it for the day and enough to make me go crazy. I was scared with heart palpitations and mental fogginess

Which makes me think, the original sin was the actual taste of death (food considered dead in the eyes of the creator).

Once we taste it, the brain goes off and asks for it again and again. In that respect, I would venture to say that gluttony and ingestion of excess food, (that is any time we eat when there is no hunger) then we make that food dead to our body and it starts the ripple effects of ingestion of that which is dead or at least destined for it. When that occurs, it does have an immediate effect on our brain's ability to be at peace.

That is why only a fast carried until its end can overcome the resulting spirit of destruction. And then it is important to sin no more. Failure to remain on the right course, will have us feel the abominable spirit entering us, as it is entering... and behold the ravages it can do within...therefore I urge myself to keep life within and death shall never touch my lips.

1:00 pm - Fruit Laxative

Took 1/4 cup organic senna leaves, 400 ml distilled water 1/4 blue vervain leaves & 11 dried prunes mix 4 minutes in hot high speed blender and drank/spoon fed myself

11:00 pm - Evil is out

I happily passed the content of my digestive system in a 4 bout movement and I at once felt my peace again. I am grateful to have tested this wonderful plum recipe to get a powerful warm (from a high powered blender) laxative that is tasty even for children.

I am now more convinced than ever that evil resides/stems from the gut or from what we ingest or lack thereof.

I say that because, usually, immediately prior to elimination of solid waste, I sometimes go crazy all depending on the nature and magnitude of the elimination. Often times the more such elimination is caused by accumulated toxins, the higher the mental and even corporal disturbance. Likewise, immediately after evacuation, I feel such a relief and my energy levels are restored.