Insights Day 17

Fast Day 17 - Monday July 27th 2020

1:26 am - Insomnia starts

Praise the Lord for my insomnia, this marks the true beginning of my healing In this fast...I must continue with nothing but air and water when indicated. The Lord is answering my prayers and I want to be humble enough to accept The blessings He/She chooses to shower me with...Health, Wisdom, My earthly task, His continued felt presence.

Reading: Fasting with the Lord's prayer by Elmer L. Towns

I am committed to going the rest of the fast in this manner until Sunday August 23rd 2020 (which completes the 44 days) or until September 9th 2020 which completes 44 days within the 3:1 cycle I will follow divine guidance to know when the fast is to be broken. Also remembering that I choose to be the example I want to see in the world, I choose not to be the blind leading the blind

I am fasting for:

- complete health mirroring my Earthly Mother’s health

- Revelation and knowledge of my soul’s task on earth and infinity

- Abundant agricultural life in Israel on a built Kibbutz where I harvest souls for the Heavenly Kingdom

- Abundant personal financial ressources

- Daily intimacy with Ja-Jalah & protection

- Break free from fear, distress, emotional bondage

I pray twice a day:

- once in the morning

- Once at night before sleeping through the night

- Then I praise throughout the I remember

3:02 am - Elimination continues

The last elimination bout

I finally went to sleep somewhere around 3:32 am. I woke up around 6:32 am, my daughter woke me up...

I had a strong urge to have my “last” meal saying to myself I will do as Elijah because I have a long journey ahead to go to mount Horeb...

Over the night I read 2 books, the second one being “The fasting Edge journal” By Jentezen through that I learnt that my much needed fast is Elijah’s fast the one for deliverance of emotional tribulations. He had 1 last meal, and journey with no food nor water all the way back to our Heavenly Father. (I might not be able to make it without water LOL...I guess I need to crawl before I run...perhaps a liquid fast first then a water fast...on different years...just a thought)

Somehow through prayer and Divine support I let go of my much wanted “last supper” of dates and Brazil nuts...followed by avocados.

My bedroom is the location of my dedicated prayers.

When did my passion grow dull? I do not know. I simply woke up one day and there was nothing, no prophecy, no talking, no revelations, no sense of knowing, lost of self confidence, fear, doubt hesitation, they all creped in and stayed. Some depression, lost of the knowledge of who I am. Fear of becoming an elect or being an elect because I knew at a young age to be one of the elect and at the same time scared of living that bestowed purpose. I even asked to be stripped of those gifts of revelation, sense of knowledge of good vs evil.

I lost my edge because of my unbelief.

8h15 pm - Water

I had Daniel fast meal

I remember a dream telling me that water will save me so I am thinking I need to drink more water because I have a feeling I am retaining water. Not just a feeling, it is a reality.

During the day, passing all I have learnt in review, I now see that fasting is not about not eating, fasting is about communion with G.od through continuous conversation and awareness, thankful for what I have, thankful for what is to come and pray for what I am looking forward to with complete faith of realisation, then not eating ads strength to it all, the fuel that makes the car go much further, it is the cherry on the salad bowl LOL

So here is my new and solid thing, I commune with G.od as much as I can, I drink water all the time limiting to 2-3 quarts. If I feel hunger, I drink a freshly pressed juice...lets try 2 days I will have a laxative tea/soup

I will keep on doing it until I succeed, I was counting how long I have left until I reach my goal and as I received that message in a dream, I do not have much time to complete an absolute fast as Elijah did (or even a water fast), I must..even if I drink water all day...I must find a way, right now I am clearly retaining water telling me I am dehydrated so I must drink more water as if it is going out of style, I pray that the Lord will sustain me, I right now am going to the scriptures to find words from the scriptures to complete this day in communion with G.od because as I discovered it today, I got fasting twisted...fasting is the drawing near the lord through prayer, and bringing the body along with it is a bonus, this is the meaning I currently give to Isaiah 58 and some passages of Hermas.