Insights Day 15

Saturday July 25th 2020

9h00 am

I woke up, it was awesome, I woke up a few times before that even, my daughter did. I found a way to go back to sleep until I felt awake enough. Because from what I gather, now eating and digesting said food is what takes the most amount of energy out of my body. So although I am on a Daniel fast, eating still takes a toll on me and since I eat at sun down, my sleep is almost entirely dedicated to food digestion which I quite frankly dislike.

10h00 am

My mother scolds me for preparing her Breakfast at such a "late" time rather than being grateful for the fact that I am preparing food for her on such a sacred day. PErhaps I can understand her...the mere fact that I am preparing food for her gives her the right to believe that I do not value my shabbat as much as I say I do. A few things took place that made me take the decision to cut my ties with her and consider that her spiritual energy must be cut off from mine.

1h00 pm

I had a bit of a nap while my little one calmly read books like last week. Bless the Lord for Shabbat, what a delight.

Today was pretty peaceful, I chose to stay with my mother and care for her meals. During that time I realized it is time I raise the total level of energy around me by carefully selecting the people that I deserve to be sharing my energy with and I now know my biological mother is not one of them. God bless her.