Thursday August 20th 2020

Thursday August 20th 2020

today was a bit of a wierd day. All seemed distant from the life I am building, I guess it is all part of it. I am guessing the feeling is from a body moving from unclean to clean...motion of unwanted substances.

7h02 am - wake

Woke up with the mental desire to eat before it is time. I wanted to only eat avocado. As I noticed yesterday or the day before, my body is really reaching a point where it tells me wheather I am hungy or not based on wet food. I feel as if when I am hungry or have an appetite for wet food, that is when my body is truly hungry. When all I want are avocadoes and dried foods, it is because my body is not hungry yet my trainned mind and learnt behaviors are taking over. I am grateful, I am 4 days away from the end of this fast. I want to reach other levels and I am grateful for all the teachings I acme accross as I performed this Daniel fast round. Why did I do it? because they say that the single thing you dont want to do is the thing you should be doing.

7h44 - Daugther wakes up

I immediatly wanted to eat something...

8h30 am - I ate

I ate of seems like things are ok. I now know I have a leart behavior of eating the moment I start my day with my child. I guess I need to look into it.

9h50 am - Mood different

I have a different mood because I know I wanted to fast for the morning at least and I did not do it. Lets see what the day has in store for me...or how I will take it head on by preaying accordingly.

3h10 pm - meal

I had an avocado salad and 5 dried figs

4h50 pm - light headed

I feel lightheaded, I lost my balance, I wonder if it is related to the stones not having passed yet? I am at this point hesitant in terms of booking a colonic or just going on a water fast until the stones get out naturally. I guess since my aim is to be as natural as possible, the later is more of an option...let see.

6h34 pm - Cold

I have now been cold for the better part of the day. I am going to lay off the water a little and see how that regulaes my temperature.