Monday August 17th 2020

Monday August 17th 2020

Today was the last day of my liver flush the end of the day, I was alittle lost I must admit. well essentially, throughout the day, I had a hard time praying on my dreams, goals and positive feelings...that is a great step because I was in the concious incompetence stage. Now it is a matter of going onto the conscious I would often tell my self "pray or be prayed on"...I must pray every moment of my life, the simple fact of thinking is a prayer, the man who sid, I think thus I am is absolutely right, the power of our thoughts is limitless and it is more important or us to take the time to learn how to master it then it is for us to learn how to evenmake money...because the real game is played within, what is happening outwardly is a mere reflection of your inner being, hopes and aspirations.

06h00 - day starts I wooke up full of energym the desire to eat of course, I don't know how I curbed it but it simply disappeared quickly enough

10h00 am - I had a meal with my daughter, 3 avocados with flaxseeds of course LOL

10h15 am - I discovered that my wheatgrass juicer I have had for the past 10 years and have never used is the best juicer ever in the qualities it harbours, inexpensive, almost no sound, uses no electricity, helps me build muscle mass, build hand eye of the purest tasting juice I have ever had bar none...I made 1 liter of apple juice and enjoyed with my daughter

1h13 pm - took 3 dried figs, a few dried mango pieces and 2 prunes. I truly did not need that meal I would say. In fact, I do not believe I need to eat at all yet I do it for many reasons related to what society has inoculated into my subconcious mind and I am determined to free my mind at all levels so the intended height for me may be reached sooner rather then later.