Insights Day 36

Saturday August 15th 2020


My biggest take away of the day is our ability to make our world or reality. Somehow, as I was meditating today, it dawned on me that the habitual way of relating to prayer could not have been the way I formerly believed. As if it were so, then I would have no lack, no want etc. Now again my new found truth might not be the way yet, it must because too many elements of the literature alludes to that true way of praying.

So prayer is not about the words that are uttered, prayer is not about, begging for a situation or else to become part of our lives. Prayer is not about waiting fro things to happen. The realisation of things hopped for is not about actively taking a physical stance to forcibly make them happen. The realisation of things hopped for is not about begging a colleague or friend to give you what you are after.

What is prayer about? Or what is living a perfect life about?

We don't need to search too far...the secret was given long before today:

  1. Enoch was told: "Be still and know that I am G.od"

  2. The Lord said to Moses: "Come up to me on the mountain and stay here, and I will give you [...]"

  3. Yashua was quoted saying: "[...]in prayer, believe that you have received [...], and it [is] yours"

  4. Proverbs says: "All the days of [-] the cheerful heart [is] a continual feast"

Those taken as realities translate in my head as being the alchemy of one's life. Basically, we must find a way to reach complete mental silence. Once silence has been achieved, we go up the mountain of our thoughts to reach a higher level where universal consciousness exists, where G.od resides inside of us. Once that second level is achieved, the 3rd level begins. That 3rd level is prayer, there, our heartfelt know (redesigned) present is pictured, cherished, pondered upon, felt as a reality, yoke to the faith of it being so. And that 3rd level of prayer, the "knowingness" of it's truth and being in accordance with the greater good, seals its manifestation into your current reality. You may then reconnect to this world and know that which you have seen and felt in prayer is your CURRENT reality and see it in your every action, word, every situation etc.

The four stages of our alchemy AKA in alignment with G.od

  1. Be still

  2. Make contact heartfelt contact with G.od

  3. Pray. Envision and know that what you see and feel is yours to live

  4. Be and remain cheerful regarding your prayer as reality


8h30 am - wake up

I kind of slept through the night. Too much again for me.

12h14 pm - Sun high meal

That meal was a quick and short Vegan one, sunbathing and meditating covered most of my morning. Through the session, I rediscovered the meaning of praying. I see that praying is in fact the most powerful endeavour one must get involved with. I redefined praying as the act of keeping ones focus on a desired outcome or even better on a self-proclaimed reality to be imprinted to the it ward reality.

10h28 pm - Time to sleep