Sunday August 15th 2020

Sunday August 16th 2020


I am nearing the end of this exercise and I enjoy the fact that I have grown spiritually. I remain with the feeling that I must water fast as I pray/ I am writing these words I just realise what I must truly do, did I have it all answer is yes.

The work I am called upon to do is to know how to pray inside out...fasting on water and lime alone is the added bonus to help me reach a higher level of unity with Universal Consciousness. I mean think about it, in exodus when the Lord said to Moses to come and meet him on the mountain to receive the commandments, did Moses not meet the Lord with no food in Moses' stomach and not even water for many weeks and He received one of the most important Manifestos of human creation... So basically, fasting is not at all about not eating, it is about knowing how to pray for the materialization of our inner desires. G.od has created me in His image so I may emulate Him. Yes, so I may emulate Him, to do that, He has given me all the tools I need to successed because He cares that much. He wants me to cocreate. Those many years of riotous living, raising myself against His will by accepting what was presented to me by society rather then what He gracefully put in front of my eys is pure sin and now unacceptable.

4h27 am - Awake

Finally waking up at a decent time. Got a chance to truly pray and organise my relationship with G.od based on my new found prayer anatomy.

6h00 am - Temptation

I started getting the temptation to eat at this time. From past experience, eating anything before 10 am is an invitation to falter and overeat for the rest of the day. Eating so early after waking up almost feels as if I am dictating my body to seek this for the rest of the day?! So I went for water with lime instead and eating became a distant memory. I also delve into this website to ad quality content.

1h23 pm - Sun high meal time

This time was bliss, enjoying a meal with my daughter for the first time in a while (since we truly eat ideally when we are hungry, her and I have lately not been eating at the same time) and it was awesome. We each had 3 fairly ripe avocados with flax seed meal. Note that some people have mentioned that flax seed is to be shun. My daughter and I for now have great results with it in the sense that it has the effect of increasing the motility of the food residue contained in our digestive track. My aim is to continue using what works until my body is so perfectly cleansed that nothing but the genesis prescription would suffice.

Did I want to eat more after my meal...YES

Did I eat more after? NO

Why? Because my hunger was triggered by old gluttonous habits, my physical body was clearly satisfied and I looked at that to make my decision and reteach my body instead of the other way around.

6h18 pm - Sunset meal

I had 3 figs followed by 3 avocados and Flax seed meal. It was clearly enough and again, I seem to have yoked myself with this wonderful bundle of joy of mine.