Insights Day 35

Friday August 14th 2020

2h22 am - Going to sleep

I was still up doing some work so I decided to close everything and push myself to sleep.

5h39 am - Woke

I woke up incredibly cold. Right away I thought of having food to appease this sensation...Old habits as far as I am concerned. The result was, I am still cold...maybe even colder. 3 figs were enough to let me know I am full, my known areas of pus still filled up, my nose, ears etc. filled with mucus, I had to blow my nose and I had a hard time hearing. So it is not the avocado or anything in particular that bothers me when I eat, my conclusion must be that at this point, eating is still injurious to me. My 44 day fast seems not to be sufficient to see me back into perfect health. At least not the Daniel fast way.

5h59 am - Morning enema

7h00 am - pain

I notice additional pain in my right shoulder that just appeared this morning?!, My hands are super cold, my feet. All indications that my body is cleansing and now that I am thinking, I simply cannot 2 both at the same time, either I am in a period of growth or cleanse, I cannot do both at the same time...

7h30 am - symptoms continue

watery eyes, still blocked ears, runny nose etc. I also have pain at the level of my hip joints in the fatty tissue areas...From what I konw it is a great sign, my bidy has switched to cleaning mode where it removes adipose tissue and moves toxins out of there inert state to the circulation for elimination, that greatly explains the cold sensation, I must find the strength not to tax the body through eating but to aid the body by getting plenty of sunshine along with water and lime to softens the mucus that comes with such I am starting to understand why my teeth are also hurting right now...there is much to excrete that is currently out in the circulation...let me go and get a huge lime/cayenne tea.

8h23 am - Feeding urge

I have been working like crazy on my Legal matters and now I feel like ingesting food for the sake of doing it...I wonder if this happens each time there is a greater amount of tocins in circulation then the rythm at which my body can get rid of it? I am starting to believe in this theory, I am ruching to drink more and see what difference it makes