Insights Day 34

Fast Day 34 - Thursday August 13th 2020

I am quite happy with this fast, i learnt a lot and it is certainly serving as a stepping stone to a 44 day fast with water and lime alone...which I am looking forward to .

Last night I slept through the night and that alone makes me be uncomfortable. I no longer want to sleep that much on a daily basis. 3-5 hours a nught is plenty with occasional adjustments.

I woke up at 7:02 am did the internal baptisim

it was great, I was still evacuating before performing such task.

9:18 am

I had the meal of the day to see how it might affect my sleep in a positive way. I had 3 fresh figs (my body was telling me that apples are too coarse for me at this time...3 dried figs, about 1/3 cup of dried mangoes. an avocado salad with 2 avocados.

immediatly following the meal, the pus in circultaion in my body increased. my ear were blocked, nose runny with mucus...I need to pursue my test and remove avocados next meal but truly, I believe the dried fruits are the ones that need to be removed so I want to have the strength to do it tomorrow and continue the experiment. I am glad I was able to inteligently control my food intake...

continued drinking water with lime and malic acid combined with Agave (which I am starting to wonder if I should completly remove from my intake since it is a greatly modified product of industrialization...lets see I am continuing the liver flush and see what comes out of it...

I did not have my usual lime-cayenne tea with rack sea salt and I noticed my ankles were fine...I guess that is it for my salty treat...I wonder if it is because we are not naturally supposed to have sea salt...will see.

I also noticed my appetite is not as dig. a little less is ok?