Fast Day 17 Highlight

Monday July 27th 2020

This was really an interesting day full of discovery, What I retain from it is that I truly need to be hydrated, I am currently not in a condition that allows me to fast on no water and no food. I have done up to 8-9 days without water and I have completed them successfully both times. Thus I know it is not true that after 3 days of no food and no water a person dies, I did it twice and I am very well alive.

I feel I might be called ne day to do such a fast and I will gladly do it. But first I must be in the Lord, I must receive such an invitation. At the moment, the goal must be to prayer fast, if I can also fast with a complete water fast, or some sort of liquid fast, great. So first, prayer relentlessly...while being on a Daniel Fast. Second continue this closeness with G.od and fasting in prayer and move on to liquids. Third increase my prayer fast in combination with a complete water fast.

That is my most important take for the day.