Highlight Day 16

Sunday July 26th 2020

I learn a little more about the use of Elimination

The feeling of peace comes from... the gut!

Our gut has many functions and based on what we know of anatomy, it is the place where food is processed to be absorbed and or eliminated based on the body's current needs. There are also schools considering the gut as being where feelings come from and even that the gut is the second brain.

Well, I have a similar view...let me explain...

After today, I realize that my gut plays an important role in my overall health. When my gut works well, I know I have nothing to worry about, I feel certain of myself, I feel at peace etc. The moment homeostasis is disrupted in the gut, the gut has the ability through a condition called leaky gut, to go ahead and play with the integrity of my brain which in turn displaces my joy, peace etc. and I never know how I'll be affected after every bite I take.

My thinking is that the first thing that needs to heal in most illnesses, diseases, mental issues etc. is the gut, before the gut is healed, you cannot find peace. for having tried to heal without ceasing, I now know that we must completely give rest to the gut so it may regenerate on its own.

If you are unable to completely stop chewing so your gut could heal, go on a vegetable soup fast, followed by a fruit smoothie fast, followed by a vegetable juice fast, then a fruit juice fast, then a water fast and at last a completely dry fast. I am glad to say I am not a medically trained doctor therefore my thinking and sharing is not of that branch. Hence you must think constructively and come up with your own.

I am pretty sure this would work to completely heal the gut. Well at least, I will go through it and see what it yields for me rather than keeping it as a theory...

Miriam-Batya Rich - Soul Hacker and Liberator

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