Fast Day 15 Highlight

Saturday July 25th 2020

This was a peaceful Shabbat for me. I want to point out the fact that I had a few dreams last night. In my dream, the Almighty sent me a message that I am almost there in terms of completing my fast, I understood that I have crossed 88% of the way...I am close to the end of the cleanse and at the door of my complete physical healing. What I have left to do is to obey...Obedience is the rest of the way.

Of course, Shabbat being a day dedicated to the Lord, needless to say I dry fasted all day. I ended my Shabbat with a delicious meal of 2 Atuflo Mangos, 6 dates, and a Fresh citrus smoothie (By the way, I do not eat frozen fruits or anything frozen for that matter).

So as of now, I am going into a dry fast, I feel as if the message asked me to do it for up to 21 days from now and I want to do it. I pray Ja-Jalah to give me all I need to be obedient until the end of what is Divinely in store for me.