Fast Day 12 Highlight

Wednesday July 22nd 2020

Again today, the idea that I shall do nothing and let G.od do everything is once again pressed upon my being and told to me in many ways. Because I have titled this fast the one of obedience, perhaps I shall hearken to the voice.

I appreciate all the work that has been done while contemplating the many more steps that are required to get closer to a better spiritual life. This super busy life makes up the necessary vail to allow all not to want this perfect life again.

Let's see what tomorrow has in store for us...

Insights Day 12

12:31 am - Some Pain

My left hip is sensitive to touch as the fat cells in the area are undergoing apoptosis to supply the blood with substances to evacuate out of the body. Again I am getting cold under the sheets, full hood and my nightgown. My thoughts are god never gives more to handle then what can be so I go with it.

I have messed up the Divine work on day 9 when I moved to a Daniel Fast. Not sure what to do...perhaps doing nothing is the key...come to a complete halt or continue on water and juices for a few more days?

My throat is hurting, burning chest, feeling of incapability to satiate my thirst...all symptoms I know to be coming from a liver healing crisis...I want to test a complete halt and see...

12:19 pm - Tired

I am absolutely tired, my body keeps on refusing food yet asking for much water. So I am drinking water. Also I am out there helping people eat for the soul rather than society or even the body...

1:28 pm - Water!

Things are getting better with water. I am starting to feel better

4h34 pm - Vegetables...Not food for us

Not being able to have access to the new juicer quickly enough, i chose to have an avocado salad with okra...ouf, it is now clear to me that it is an abomination to eat what was not meant for me as a human and certainly at a time when food was not to enter my body. Although I have switched to a Daniel fast, it is clear that when the body wants no food, no food should enter it nor shall any substitute enterit.

I am nauseous, my stomach is full beyond measure and i have a headache. Complete rest is what I am going for period. My mouth and throat are completely dehydrated.

2 signs the food is toxic...the okra the needles around the edges and the pieces taken out of my salad by the angels...I know they are walking with me. They are here to ask me to walk with them and finish the walk with them...I accept as of right now.

7:35 pm - Drained

I am absolutely drained, cannot take it anymore, I must rest in all possible ways and accept through obedience

8:29 pm

I am cold, bad breath, cold feet, painful teeth, bland taste buds, mental desire to eat drink etc. Trying to make wrong amends to right a wrong...I must realize I am not the one that does my role is to obey so I do not eat nor drink anything until at least 1 pm tomorrow...G.od help me. Foaming saliva, Ankles and feet slightly swollen...IT IS TIME TO STOP & eschew

Belching, heartburn’s

11:00-11:18 pm - Back on track

I am back on track, I just emptied my bowels. I am grateful, thank g.od for forgiveness.