Fast Day 9

Sunday July 19th 2020

It's ok to make adjustments

The main lesson I got today is actually more than 1.

#1 for sure is that societal pressure is one of the greatest external forces we accept to endure. Today, I got 2 strong comments regarding my looks and this fast I am on. At the end I chose to modify the way I fast to still get to the same results. I chose to adjust my fast to a Daniel fast. It is a type of fast that allows the body to cleanse itself while still being able to get G.od's attention to gain spiritual clarity. In terms of bodily disease removal, it still does the work but at a much slower and gentle pace.

I like the idea of complete fasting because it is the ultimate proof of faith as far as I am concerned but I guess there's a time and place for it. For instance, it is said to make it a secret and to remove yourself from people when you go on a complete fast. As a young mother, I am unable to make myself be under those ideal conditions so people do find a way to give me advice...I am ok with it because in anycase, the points exposed to me were of course valid ones.

My move to a Daniel fast was very smooth. I also discovered that I now have the strength to mentally say no to overeating and eating outside the normal hours of feeding...I now know that I will not die from it LOL.

The moment I started drinking water, my body keeps on asking for water and urinating almost right away...I wonder what that is about? Perhaps an effort to use the blood to excrete the excess mucus and other obstructions that could not be eliminated on a no liquid diet? I'll see, that may be why the bowels have not responded yet.

Remember to refer to the Insights pages when you want to have details of what happened during my day in terms of the evolution of my actions, decisions etc.

Miriam-Batya Rich

Insights Day 9

6:29 am - I woke up

My energy was ok, I did my morning internal water baptizing during which I had a aha moment. I decided to switch the focus of my prayers to the knowledge of all things in my body being already accomplished.

So I started giving thanks and feelings the things in my body already accomplished. My increased flexibility, my smooth skin, my perfect teeth, my perfect joints, my perfect hips, my perfect toes etc. And from now on, this is what I want the object of my prayers to be because after 9 days, everything is already accomplished now may my eyes open to see the wonders that have already been done. I say so because my Earthly Mother who heals is not human that it takes her days to to heal, she can heal in an instant and in an instant she heals therefore I claim my complete healing now. By the way, I am still eliminating food from my last meal which I find peculiar, perhaps I will stop consuming that type of food moving forward!?!?!?

6:59 am - Energy down

I went back to sleep for a nice nap. It was raining a little

8:30 am

Waking up from my second sleep wave. It was so good. I still feel like sleeping though. I feel I am at the last legs of my fast and it is taking all my change...I hope I’ll be able to stay home for the rest of my journey as long it will be necessary.

I also had serious right lower leg cramps. I had to stretch it out.

12:20pm - Told I look sick

I was just told I look sick and the truth is...I do. You think Moses looked good by the time he was done with his 40 fast? The thing is that this world has attached much more importance to looking good as opposed to true internal health. Everything is short term yet that short term comfort often leads to long term discomfort. Healing from a disease is not done with the snap of fingers (at least on average) often times the cure will cause more discomfort.

Although I do not believe in chemical remedies to heal...even those pills give your disease a worse condition. What they call side effects are simply other diseases to add onto an already defective body. And even sometimes the side effect(s) is the sickness for which you sought the medication in the first place yet people go for it.

So if you are willing to take a risk on humans, why not take a risk on G.od and use the nature he has made available to us for our healing refer to Revelations 22:2.

We have been made blind to the truth in various ways and they have succeeded in such a great scale that now we have our friends family and Neighbour to reinforced the propagated false beliefs. And in some cases prison and fines is what we get for not going mainstream...

2:18 am - Moving on to a Daniel Fast

I decide to break the dry fast because following the comment that I look sick an other person threatened me regarding the possibility of me passing out while alone with my child and that is simply not an option. I figured a Daniel fast will be as good, I it might take longer or even a similar time but passing out would simply not be an option. In any case, I believe my health has already one to a higher level. And optimizing it could be a slower process as long as I keep on going higher.

I squeezed 1 clémentine into an equal part water and drank. After receiving the threat at lunch time, I decided to progressively move to a Daniel fast. A Daniel fast is equally as good and perhaps less threatening to what we currently know about the body and completely harmless, in fact almost any vegetarian is most likely already on a Daniel fast as long as no bread and other treats are consumed.

4:34 pm - Fruit meal

I had cherries and figues, great taste...out of this world. My body weakness immediately left me. No pain anywhere except my left knee. 20 minutes later I had 350ml of water with lime and agave nectar...did not like it so I stuck to water.

7:00 pm - Second meal

I ingested 1lb of grapes and 2 hands full of raisins. I still did not have a bowel movement.

My ears are blocked and my urinary system started again. Now I am aiming to drink 2-3 pints of water to help the bowels going.

8:01 pm - No bowels moved yet

I feel sleepy. My blood seems to have taken the food well as some blood impurities have gone down...I am starting to drink pure distilled water.

I cannot help but to notice the bowels have not yet evacuated the meal. Which tells me there is a lot of adherence in my digestive system somewhere between the oesophagus and the column. The usual recommendation is to move on to a good laxative and insure evacuation...especially after no drinking no eating for 9 days. I am not to keen about actual laxatives unless they are natural leaves or food...So perhaps I'll give myself a little more time and do it in the morning if there is no exit.

8h25 pm - Limeade not working out

Its funny, to make my body as alkaline as possible to stimulate my bowels, I chose to add lime to my distilled water and quite sincerely. it is unpleasant to my senses. I will stop that as well and perhaps stick to distilled water nothing added. I guess the minerals from the fresh fruits should be enough.

11h08 pm - Up with cramps and craving to eat

I was tired so I went to bed and managed to fall asleep around 10pm but I woke up at 11h08 with enough energy not to fall back asleep. I had all sorts of thoughts telling me to go eat food, it would be ok etc.

Somehow I managed not to eat any food for many reasons, 1 of them being that I can remember a passage I read I believe from the Essene Book of Peace that says, the one who eats more than 2 meals a day does the work of evil within his/her body. I am glad it kept me from sinning. Even on a Daniel fast, one must remember that eating is to be done to a minimum necessary for the body, everything else stays away from the body. That said, I was also thinking if I was able to stay 9 days with no food, nor any liquid passing my lips, I can certainly stay away from food until I am truly called to Nature's table if at all.

One thing I have learnt for sure over those 9 days is that intake can be accessory. Especially when the body is filled with obstruction preventing one from being at the top of his/her potential.