Fast Day 8

Saturday July 18th 2020

Don't have much to say, this was a difficult day as it is and might be for the rest of the time.

Insights Day 8

8:15 am - Waking

Woke up around 6;00am I am glad I slept through the night. I felt weak so I had a glass of water with 1/2 a lime and 2 tsp of agave. It basically changed nothing and did not increase any sort of cravings which is a win if I compare to previous fasts. It seem I am in it for the long haul. Today also marks the first time I do 8 straight days of dry fast, it is a first.

10:34 am - Increased weakness

I can no longer stay on my feet, my weakness has increased. I felt as if someone was making a round in my body going to each muscle and squeeze all the blood out of my muscles 1 by 1 which seriously weakened me. I had to go lie down and sleep.

2:42 pm -Restless

I woke up and went outside to enjoy the sun. I took off my clothes and had a hot sunbath. It really helped. It regulates my blood pressure issue and put the muscle squeezing to rest.

5:43 pm - Blood Pressure issues

Still having hydrostatic issues I decided to love with until the end of this fast. I refuse to give up. I want this fast to be the Last one of my life...except for the weekly 1 day fast of course. I feel the call to eat is not yet here because I have yet to se the complete healing of my hair, skin, teeth, breath etc. When I see the complete healing of those, then I’ll know it is over. I am even willing to go to water and fresh juices eventually to get the healing done once and for all.

Also today, I was warm most of the time which was extremely present and I had headaches coming and going throughout the day!?!? Which is kind of weird.

11:28 pm - time to turn everything off.

I was also able to bring a soul closer tho G.od when she accepted to stop eating animals. She even had her home cleared of all animal products coming from their killing. Who hoo