Fast Day 13

Thursday July 23rd 2020

I so wish I could lie publicly and say today was such a great day, but ouf. I started my day awesomely and somehow, around 2h30pm I spoke to a certain person and everything started going down the drain from there.

It is as if I was able to pick up on external energies and I was allow the negative ones enter in priority and occupy a certain space within me. That made me see that my ego is still there as if it would ever go...what I mean is that I still need to battle with it to let it know it is subordinate to my higher-self and not the other way around. So that is my biggest learning today through my fast. Aside from the fact that food is completely overrated.

I know all will be well.

Insights Day 13

12h20 am

Doing my best to go back to bed, I feel nauseous, weak, still eliminating serious mucus. I can’t work on my passion. I will suffer the requested 3 days to heal out of this unforeseen stage. I am already grateful for the speed at which the angels attended to my healing following my okra intoxication. I wonder if 3 days is all that is needed to restore a clean body to its highest level. I think something of the sort could be found somewhere in the scriptures!

My answer is yes, once a certain level of health has been reestablished within this/my/your temple, 3 days is all it needs to bring the temple back to its highest level of cleanliness. I guess I will test it and when I do post it somewhere to share.

1:19 am - Cold and awake

I am still up and tired unable to sleep. I am cold as if we are in the winter. I am fully dressed with a hoodie. Seriously considering socks. I feel my stomach being body is preparing to send another batch out of the digestive system. I am too weak to use my laptop and work. What a great lesson this day is.

3:00 am - Unconditional Joy

Waking up in a state of joy and euphoria, smiling for no apparent reason feeling life is right.

3:09 am - Digestion continues

Stomach still working and emptying. No longer feel like vomiting...still tired got a 1.5-2 hour sleep break...going back for more

3:17 am - Reduction of inflammation

Urination. I am relieved, I feel better over all, I am glad I made the choice to seal my lips for the duration of the night and morning.

4:00 am - Inflammation reduction continues

Urinating still. Needless to say my feet and ankles have regained there adequate size now freed from swelling/water retention. I still feel my intestines moving more “stuff”

Dry fast seems to be a better answer in my experience to get the whole system cleansed...I wonder how it might work for you as a reader?

8h20 am - No food No Liquids continued

At one point I slept finally, and now again I am waking up very tired. I continues my lips shut, which helped greatly. No liquid No solid. Every so often that technique is awesome because it allows the body to truly take a break and move on to other operations

12h23 pm - grab a bite

I had 5 grapes, 5 figues and a glass of freshly pressed apple juice, what a refreshing meal

2h33 pm - Picking up energies

That is it, I hit a bottom by allowing wrong energies to come through me and not seeing it quickly enough to stop the downward spiral. I realized that the I in me was still very present and wanted to glorify itself. I am not making much sense now, but I know you'll get me as I continue on to the spiritual breakthrough because it will happen no matter what. I will let it happen through me because I see that as long as I am the one steering the ship, I will go no where so I am begging G.od to take the wheel out of my hands now so I can get there H's way.

7h00 pm - Last Daniel Fast meal of the day

I barely wanted to eat anything so that is what I did. I prayed asking for guidance and moved on. Let's numb our senses in front of somewhat of a movie. That will help keep the less than positive energies away from me.