Fast Day 10

Monday July 20th 2020

Today marks a special day for me because I view social influence and fasting differently. I realize and now accept that the inability to remain stead fast with a fast does not come from the true desire to eat but from many influences beyond the true need to eat. I can sum those influences up as follows:

  1. Lack of self confidence deeply rooted in the faith that you know to be doing the right thing

  2. Acceptance of other people's opinion. Often unsolicited with basic knowledge of truth. We cannot be blamed for that since from a young age, we are thought that somebody else always knows better then we do. I am now of the firm belief that in fact, we all know everything. From inception, when we keep on being created to the image of our G.od information of all that ever was, is and will be is imprinted all over our body. And it is only sin in knowing the operating manual of the temple/body that leads us astray and the believe that we don't know, doubt etc. Therefore, the proper response to such errence is to return by cleaning house.

  3. The lag between, mental realisation of what there is to do and getting the body to consistently apply the proper actions.

  4. Lack of true obedience. Interestingly enough, Food and Obedience were integral part of the original sin. Making a long story short, obedience harnessed properly will give anyone all it takes to go to the end of each divinely given task, including the one of fasting to get a spiritual breakthrough.

On this, I will say that I will see you again tomorrow as I continue my fast to spiritual breakthrough with Obedience, faith with a touch of kindness for those who show their care via unsolicited advice.

Miriam-Batya Rich

Insights Day 10

6:09 am - woke up with a full stomach

I woke up with that feeling that my stomach is full almost as if it had not digested anything from yesterday! So I drank 1/2 cup of water a cup of burning kombucha and 350 mg of magnesium

My aim is to get the fruits out of my body ASAP. If that does not take place, there is no need for me to eat because my body is not absorbing anything. I’ll go with drinking more water. It is clear so far that no other drink felt right in my mouth but pure distilled water. If I have not evacuated by noon I will be forced to take a natural laxative such as Senna. Let’s bank on pure distilled water for now.

I keep on having that idea that food is actually useless for me at the moment and somehow I think it is the pure and baked truth. I know what is said about is often true.

8h51 am - Discrepancy Mind Vs Little Voice

Interestingly enough, I have pain in my right hip and right shoulder. Kind of a dull barely perceptible pain. My ears are greatly blocked. My conclusion is that my body is working on excretion of mucus gathered while no food nor liquid entered the body. I guess now, it would be a great idea to help the body flush it all by concentrating on juices, smoothies and soups. Too bad my juicer just dropped me. waiting for a new one, in the meantime, I'll go with alternatives...anything not to get senna in my body.

I do wonder if putting liquids into the stomach might slow the elimination down?

My little voice is telling me to eat regardless and my made up mind tells me it would be injurious to do so. Eating is to nourish the body and if what you eat does not exit, your body is telling you it is not yet ready to digest for whatever reason and that signal must be listened to.

My thinking is also greatly affected, I am mentally slower, i must think a little longer before i do something...

12:15 pm - No Food

I prepared lunch for a client and my child. I also prepared a meal for myself. Quite frankly I was really not hungry yet I saw myself going through the motions and eating 1 avocado, 4 raw okras and 5 that point, I could not take anything else in and I new I had just consumed food based on social pressure....not good.

2:00 pm - Keeping busy

I found myself doing volunteer work in the city. My daughter and I have worked volunteer work into our schedule and I believe we both enjoy doing it. It is also great for me to do it because it gives a higher meaning to my fast. And we get to share gratefulness with complete strangers we may never see again.

During that time I had barely perceptible mood swings, headache, shoulder ache, hip ache and my ears constantly blocked.

4:25 pm

My daughter and I went downtown looking for people who need food and found a few. Our hearts warmed up as the people receiving were helped in a moment they needed to be.

While out I was wondering why I was not hungry. And the only answer that was coming up was... during a fast, hunger is not my issue... pain and elimination is. Up until now, I looked sick because I thought I needed to eat. I can say it is not the case for me, I look sick because sickness is leaving my body and as long as sickness is leaving my will look sick.

I mean, right now, although the taste is fantastic, I am repulsed by food. My stomach is still satisfied from eating nothing and water is drank only based on social construct. Meaning I don't even know if I need it now.

8h15 pm - Sundown Meal

Still no true elimination of loosened gunk of the past 9 days. Ok, time to panic, one more day would be too much...I ate 1lb of grapes and 2 dried plums. When exiting a no eating phase, it is absolutely important to eliminate shortly after. For instance, sleeping is essentially a fasted state, every single one of us must seriously eliminate every single morning granted that person eats every day...failure to do so amounts to sickness, illness and the likes. After a long period of fasting, The same applies to a longer period except in this case, it is more vitally essential that it occurs, otherwise, we may be facing serious repercussions people usually attribute to fasting. So I took the Senna soup which I would have preferred to go without...And now, I am officially under personal prescription of no solid food until everything is evacuated and my digestive tract cleared. It goes to say how strong social pressure least for me and I consider myself a strong person...LOL

10h30 pm - Off to sleep