Fast Day 6

Thursday July 16 2020

Wow,today, Day 6 has really taken a toll on my mental. For the first 3 hours of the day 3-6 am. I was completely ok then the pain on my left side started again and decided to combine with a new pain on my right side where my liver is. It is a pain to bear. I must tell you that the pain is more bearable than the migraines I had during previous fasts.

This time around I am sticking with with until I am completely healed, Beelzebub must leave along with his plagues and divas. I want them out of my life for ever and I vow to sin no more. I know the life I had before and I am turning away from it.

Now I am dealing with preventing Beelzebub from pronouncing any lies using my mouth and I tell you, it is a work to be done. Yet I know I will succeed. Because for that, I have the control because I can see it. Now I am heading to conscious competence so I can reach the next level and leave in truth with Beelzebub completely out of my life.

Insights Day 6

3h12 am - Full of energy

I happily woke up to get on with my day, first giving thanks for being up again. And so on.

19h28 - Not able to do much

All day, I was looking for my Earthly Mother and Her Angels without having the ability to find Her. Bending forward or the sides was extremely painful. Calling out was simply out of my mind, I could not do it but now I see that I can, it helps instead of complaining, call out, be an obedient child. Humble myself and accept Her Will for my body.