Fast Day 5

Wednesday July 15th 2020

I am walking around in darkness, out of faith I guess, I don't know what to say.

Insights Day 5

5:09 am - Up and Running

I am already up and running. I jumped out of bed on a mission to continue this amazing fast. I did my internal cleaning, I do still have remnants of my last meal coming our. Can you imagine, how unclean and slow my system was. Yet I thought I was clean enough for everything I eat to leave my body within 36 hours...At least that is what I had observed when I was eating...I still have bodily smell, I cannot wait to thank the Lord for riding me of the stech while replacing it with a pleasant odour...

15h23 - Breathing is Shallow

Wow, I am starting to have such a hard time breathing, it is worse than before. When I change positions, I get light headed, I see nothing at all. I have to close my eyes to keep my balance.

17h48 - Keeping positive

It seems that my focus on what is going wrong has taken a toll on me. I realized that as I focus on my pains, they increase and take a bigger space. So now, I am focusing on what is going to happen after the fast. I am going to focus on when I will get the call to say it is all over, what am I going to exit that fast not to fall right back into gluttony. Who do I accept to be after that. How am I going to serve the greater good...I can do this certainly. I am destined for greatness. It is time I step into it. I shall not wait until the fast is finished to begin. I must start now and now be the one I envision to be.