Fast Day 1

Saturday July 11th 2020

On this beautiful Saturday of rest, I used most of the day to prepare for this fast. I made the decision to make it a dry fast for as long as possible.

I prayed for most of the day for our Mother-Father in Heaven to guide me and heal me completely by the end of this fast. My daughter was so great in supporting me with this decision as she understands how we must make amends for our sins and debts.

So I am a little apprehensive but I rejoice in the fact that I will be accompanied by the best pals I can ever imagine throughout this journey. For me this is a healing journey during which, I finally put all my being in the arms of my Creator to be renewed with full power as intended in the Genesis.

I believe we are at least 20 times greater then we currently behave and it is the belief in what is externally expressed to us that blinds us to the truth. We can only find truth through daily and complete embrace of our Creator. Therefore, I choose to be in my Creator's embrace for the next 40-44 days or until my bodily Creator Invites me back to Her table.

Now I say, it will go well because no one is able to restore my body's perfection as optimally as my Earthly Mother who has originally given me my body and to which I must return my body...or should I say Her body.

It is a go...

Insights Day 1

NOON - Desire to eat shows up

At lunch time, my daughter asked to be fed and immediately I felt the urge to eat, I felt parched and I started praying, thanking G.od for all the food He provided through the unadulterated scriptures. It worked out well, it also opened a window for my daughter to ask questions and understand spirituality through other lenses.

13h00 - Hunger pain starts

I have a cramp on my left side already, where the spleen and stomach are. I am ignoring the pain and continuing with the decision to fast until I get a spiritual breakthrough, the end of the 44th day etc. I am reading more of the is Shabbat, I cannot do anything else I guess...ouf I know G.od only gives me what I can handle. He knows I can go through this, now it is time I believe it too.

13h23 - More pain

I feel pain now on the right side of my body where my right kidney is. It is like a cramp with a sharp sensation of pain. I feel like vomiting. My daughter asked for delicious figs to eat and I was looking at her enjoying food from our Earthly mother's garden.

15h20 - Feeling better

Around this time, i began to think about the scripture, the Lord and His commandments regarding fasting and I came up with a few things. 1st off, i am that "Thomas" type, at least until now...I have got to see it to believe it. But doing fasting in that way is a total lack of faith and basically defeats the purpose...I mean, I must go all the way to see the results, yet, to see the results I must have faith, pray, humble myself and repent. Quite frankly once again, I had no idea of the meaning of those words until I studied them around this hour.

To repent - redefined

So when I searched for the meaning of that word, I came up with: "being deeply sorry for a committed action or thought" and as far as I am concerned, this is not what I feel is enough for fasting. So I had to look at its root to come up with the word ETCH. And the way I rearranged repenting in the context of my fasting, to make it work for the greater good,

Repenting is the ability to be so sorry for my past sins that I redefine the meaning of everything around me to realign it with the G.odly view, truth, the G.odly will.

For instance, here is how I redefined my need for food:

At this point, I repent of my sin of gluttony. I have eaten even when my body had absolutely no need for food, I have eaten items that are called food but are not food fit for the temple of the living G.od AKA my body. At this point I have a surplus of "food" substance inside of my body and I can afford to skip many meals until the living G.od is done bringing His temple (my body) back up to par. My deed to repent in that regard is to stop the ingestion of any food while the Lord does the work to cleanse me of all past sins so I may go forward in peace.

In short, here is how I have etched a new deed and belief:

I currently have no need for food. The Lord is cleansing my body and bringing it to the highest spiritual level. True hunger will only show up when the Lord is through with such cleansing and I will know when that work is done because The Angels will pick me up at that point and bring me to the table of my Earthly Mother so I may be fed.

To humble myself - redefined

I use to understand humbling myself was to reduce myself to the lowest common denominator, to make myself almost unworthy. I now know it is not the case. And redefine humbling as follows:

To humble oneself in relation to our Creator is to be willing to put our own will aside to fully embrace His will no matter what.

So although I do I have my own agenda, I accept to put that agenda aside to open my spiritual senses to the Will of my Creator because my Creator usually has a better plan for me anyway.

To pray - Redefined

The third subject which I really had a hard time with is praying. I kept on asking people to help me with that and could not find anything satisfactory. The only definition that now motivates me to keep on going with fasting and now pray is the following:

Praying is the ability to voice my expectations and my feelings as I fast.

It is the ability to beg the Lord to receive what I need to reach Him and remain with Him.

So while I am fasting, I want to pray the living G.od to completely heal me, to restore mental clarity, to chase the spirit of gluttony far away from me, to give me the ability to recognize when I am about to sin lest I sin etc.

With those three deeds redefined, I believe it is enough for me to receive the wisdom of the living G.od and succeed in this 40-44 day water fast equivalent.

17h00 - Being Afraid

My thoughts have been going towards fear. Telling me all catastrophic possibilities in my life whereas things are actually going well and I can count my blessings so I decided to count my blessings and pray to the living G.od sharing what it is I would like in this moment.

18h15 Prayer becoming more natural

Now it is easier for me to pray, to thank G.od to call upon His Angels to help me with inner peace, joy and the likes. I am more at peace. My face a very itchy though...

19h38 - Daughter starts asking

My daughter asked me about the rash she has on her skin. I explained to her that it is stemming from the fact that her body just like mine is getting rid of the non-food I ingested while she was in my belly and also the meat and so on. She knows now that we eat according to the optimal diet declared in Genesis. So she asked me how she can accelerate her healing, I gave her a suggestion and she happily demanded to follow it for a few days to see what kind of results she might get. What a blessing...let's see where it goes.