We are all here to Heal

We are here to share with you that the healing we were sent on this planet to accomplish is the healing of the soul...The healing of all souls. And this healing is complete once we are completely connected with Source, through consciousness of spirit.

Ailments of the body, being dormant or full on, is the greatest veil or block to our soul's healing. On the other hand, they can be the greatest catalyzer for the realisation of self and the master piece. That said, it is also possible to do so in a state of bliss.

Here at Ya Healing, we offer you patterns to achieve just that. You must understand that your healing is in your hands. We provide the space for your journey. Now it is up to you to walk the path best designed for your current situation.

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See how I felt the first day

Here I write how I feel through the fast daily, click to see my evolution

Here, I share some heart felt revelations with you

I believe it was around 2010 when I felt something needed to be different about my life. I guess that is how it all started. I felt as if there was much more to life than what I was living, I had already gone through my first bankruptcy, earning a 6 figure income...exceeding my true needs. Yet I was still out there working more and more, spending more and more of everything including self. Basically chasing my tale while taking a good bit at it each time I reached the tale.

I knew there was more to life. I simply did not know how to get out of this rut. In 2013 I started going back to my roots and started observing a spiritual Saturday in Divine company through:

  • little eating

  • reading The "Word"

  • and staying home.

This change in my life felt awesome and brought me to a higher level mentally and spiritually!?

With this renewed energy, I managed to simply go further into society's view of what life is. This quickly became part of a needed rest to do more of what I did not want to do essentially. What I am sharing is that although the Saturday contemplation gave me more energy, I still used that renewed energy surplus to continue my old habits without changing anything else.

To sum it, I knew I needed to create a greater change. Today on January 9th 2022, I am manufacturing this change as I was manufactured through society and by society. I have set a fast experiment to start on this day. My aim is to remain in a fasted stated until a real palpable change occurs within me. Although I wish not to put a number of days to it; at least 45 days seems to be right. I also believe that my body appearance is to also change greatly. The aim of this experiment is FULL EMBODIMENT OF SELF.

Miriam-Batya Rich (April 26th 2021 23h16 renewed for unwavering faith March 25th 23h45)

My wish is for you to see that we all have a greatest potential that can be unlocked and remain so. Go through this site and follow me on Instagram. I am easily reached via Instagram, phone or email. Enjoy Ya healing journey, get into the Soul Mastery ICU.