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My decision to fast for a breakthrough

Here I write how I feel through the fast daily

This day broadened my purpose to keep going

I believe it was around 2010 when I felt something needed to be different about my life. I guess that is how it all starteed. I felt as if there was much more to life than what I was living, I had already gone through my first bankruptcy, earning a 6 figure income...exceeding my true needs. Yet I was still out there working more and more, spending more and more.

I new there was more to life and simply did not know how to get out of this rut. In 2013 I started going back to my roots and started observing a spiritual saturday in Divine company through:

  • little eating

  • reading The Word

  • and staying home.

This change in my life felt awesome and brought me to a higher level mentally or spiritually!?

With this renewed energy, I managed to simply go further into society's view of what life is. This quickly became part of a needed rest to do more of what I did not want to do essentially. What I am sharing is that although the Saturday contemplation gave me more energy, I still used that renewed energy to continue my old habits without changing anything else. To sum it, I knew I needed to create a greater change.

My wish is for you to see that we all have a greatest potential that can be unlocked and remain so. Go through this site and follow me on Instagram. I am easily reached via Instagram, phone or email. Enjoy Ya healing journey, get into the Life Mastery ICU.